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Anadolu Döküm who has started the journey of casting in 1968, realising its production in 12.000 m2 closed modern plant area of 16.400 m2 in total. Anadolu Döküm is now serving world-wide industrial market uniform and superior quality. By means of recent investments, 32 tons total molten metal capacity has been reached. The castable maximum single piece weight is now 25 tons. Behind the curtains of this success, the real heroes are 110 highly motivated and qualified workers who are educated, experienced and specialist with their subject with 25 administrative officers including 11 engineers, 7 technicians.

At Anatolia Casting; before casting a part ,simulation is carried out with the state-of-the-art technological applications taking into account the customer's demands, the recession zones and hot spots are determined. The casting process is carried out in one time without faults and deficiencies. At Anadolu Döküm; precision steel alloys, pieces with tons of weight which require strength and durability are prepared and cast carefully. Horizontal and vertical centrifugal casting methods, Bi-metal castings that require special technique and knowledge are meticulously performed. Both the 25-ton piece and the 1kg piece are processed with the same precision


To ensure the best quality; we use filters in our molds in which we use furan resin, we carry out dyeing process with washing method, we carry out drying process with infrared

Our Furnaces
  • 1x 1 ton / 600kva / 500Hz / 550V
  • 1x 500 kg / 600kvA / 500Hz / 500v
  • 2x 2.2 tons / 1250kvA / 500Hz / 585V
  • 1x 800 kg / 400kvA / 50Hz / 380V
  • 2x 2 tons / 1200 kvA / 500Hz / 900V
  • 1x 8 tons / 3500kvA / 750Hz / 750V
  • 1x 14 tons 6000kvA / 750Hz / 750V
Our Blenders
  • 6 tons/hour - Furan
  • 8 tons/hour - Furan
  • 2x 20 tons/hour - Furan
Hürriyet Street. Number:1
Körfez / KOCAELİ
Tel: +90 (262) 527 13 51
Fax: +90 (262) 524 28 76
e-mail: info@anadoludokum.com.tr
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