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Anatolia Casting is proud to be a leader in quality foundry which received ISO 9001 registration from BSI. The company has developed detailed quality control procedures which reveal the corporate culture providing better quality than expected by the customer.

To achieve this goal, we use our first-class production techniques combined with a strict quality monitoring system. Quality emphasis continues until order entry, shipping and customer care follow-up. Quality production procedures have been developed for each process and numerous process controls have been made. Quality-related capital expenditures are made annually to improve our overall casting process capability. Because what is acceptable in the past may not be good enough today, and what is acceptable today may not be good enough for tomorrow.

We are also introducing third-party inspection boards whenever you want. LLOYDS, PDIL, SGS, RAQW, MECON, TPL, QUEST, MORGAN, BUREAU VERITAS etc.

Declared Quality Policy
"At Anatolia Casting;we are determined to market, manufacture and supply Gray Iron, Spheroid Iron, Steel and Alloy Steel Casting and Manufactures in unprocessed, processed and mounted conditions in order to meet the needs of our customers in a way satisfying them.

We ensure that our employees are aware of the Customers’ requirements and other relevant requirements. They are sufficiently empowered and trained to fulfill their obligation to meet these requirements. We are committed to continuous improvement.

Our quality targets are defined in line with our policy. We revise our policy to continue its compliance and update it as necessary. "

Ouality Assurance Plans
In order to produce quality castings, not only the quality of the finished product but also the material that is processed into the manufacturing of a product is given great importance. According to the policy, Anatolia Casting applies a high-precision quality control procedure to control raw materials, Mixed sand, Molds, Core manufacture, Liquid Metal and final product.

The radiography test is performed at a location requested by the customer. Indeed, the Cross-Functional Team consisting of Quality, Development and Production members constantly warn about commitment to QAP

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