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Anatolia Casting is proud to be a leader in quality foundry which received ISO 9001 registration from BSI. The company has developed detailed quality control procedures which reveal the corporate culture providing better quality than expected by the customer.

To achieve this goal, we use our first-class production techniques combined with a strict quality monitoring system. Quality emphasis continues until order entry, shipping and customer care follow-up. Quality production procedures have been developed for each process and numerous process controls have been made. Quality-related capital expenditures are made annually to improve our overall casting process capability. Because what is acceptable in the past may not be good enough today, and what is acceptable today may not be good enough for tomorrow.

We are also introducing third-party inspection boards whenever you want. LLOYDS, PDIL, SGS, RAQW, MECON, TPL, QUEST, MORGAN, BUREAU VERITAS etc.

Declared Quality Policy
"At Anatolia Casting;we are determined to market, manufacture and supply Gray Iron, Spheroid Iron, Steel and Alloy Steel Casting and Manufactures in unprocessed, processed and mounted conditions in order to meet the needs of our customers in a way satisfying them.

We ensure that our employees are aware of the Customers’ requirements and other relevant requirements. They are sufficiently empowered and trained to fulfill their obligation to meet these requirements. We are committed to continuous improvement.

Our quality targets are defined in line with our policy. We revise our policy to continue its compliance and update it as necessary. "

Ouality Assurance Plans
In order to produce quality castings, not only the quality of the finished product but also the material that is processed into the manufacturing of a product is given great importance. According to the policy, Anatolia Casting applies a high-precision quality control procedure to control raw materials, Mixed sand, Molds, Core manufacture, Liquid Metal and final product.

The radiography test is performed at a location requested by the customer. Indeed, the Cross-Functional Team consisting of Quality, Development and Production members constantly warn about commitment to QAP

ANADOLU CASTING INDUSTRY INC. to be a leading and well-known brand in the national and international market in the steel and centrifugal casting sector we serve with our innovative, rational, principled and responsible approach.

ANADOLU CASTING INDUSTRY INC. Using new technologies to provide quality service to customers, we are to make high-qualified steel and centrifugal casting with the logic of continuous improvement.

Occupational Health and Safety Policy
Anadolu Döküm Sanayi A.Ş. acts with the principle that every accident is preventable in all its processes. It aims to protect its employees from injury and health deterioration as a result of work accidents by minimizing risks. In accordance with this purpose;

  • To create a safe, healthy, orderly and clean working environment and to ensure that ilgili HUMAN FIRST ”philosophy is adopted by all interested parties,
  • Determining all compliance obligations including related Occupational Health and Safety Laws and Regulations, conducting operations in accordance with these compliance obligations, evaluating the fulfillment of compliance obligations, correcting non-conformities,
  • To ensure that all relevant parties adopt the principle that occupational health and safety improvement activities are the joint responsibility of the parties and ensure that the necessary training and information activities are continuously organized on this subject,
  • To eliminate hazards, reduce risks, ensure risk assessments and ensure that risks are adopted by employees and suppliers for Quality Management System, Occupational Health and Safety Management System and Environmental Management System,
  • Preventing work-related injuries and / or health deterioration and ensuring healthy and safe working conditions,
  • Consultation and participation of employees in the Occupational Health and Safety Management System and their representatives, if any,
  • To continuously improve the Occupational Health and Safety management system in order to improve occupational health and safety performance,
  • It is committed to achieving the target of “Zero Occupational Accident” and “Zero Occupational Disease erek by continuously improving our Occupational Health and Safety culture.

Environmental Policy
Anadolu Casting Industry Co. environmental policy is the basis for the efficient use of natural resources in all of its activities, prevention of pollution, reduction and segregation of waste generated at its source and recycling, and disposal of it in the most appropriate way.

Within the framework of this policy;

  • Providing a healthy and workable working environment that protects natural resources, respects the environment,
  • Determining all compliance obligations, including the relevant Environmental Laws and Regulations, performing their operations according to these compliance obligations, evaluating the fulfillment of compliance obligations, correcting the nonconformities,
  • Ensuring that environmental risk assessments are carried out and that the risks are adopted by employees,
  • To create an effective waste management system with waste reduction, innovative technological investments,
  • Preventing pollution and protecting the environment,
  • Organize all our activities in accordance with the requirements of the Environmental Management System and comply with these requirements,
  • To continuously improve the environmental management system in order to improve environmental performance,
  • All parties concerned to adopt the principle that the responsibility to protect the environment is a shared responsibility,
  • undertakes to arrange the necessary training and information activities.

ANADOLU CASTING INDUSTRY INC. This standard specifies the requirements for an Environmental management system that may be used to improve environmental performance. With this management system, it is aimed to contribute to the environmental dimension of sustainability and to manage the environmental responsibilities with a systematic approach.

This management system to the environment, ANADOLU CASTING INDUSTRY INC. helps to achieve the intended outputs of our own Environmental management system, which adds value to itself and to related parties. ANADOLU CASTING INDUSTRY INC. In line with environmental policies, the outputs of our environmental management system include:

  • Improving environmental performance,
  • Fulfillment of compliance obligations,
  • Achieving environmental objectives.
  • Environmental Management System, regardless of size, type and structure, and with a life cycle approach that our company can determine whether the control or impact; activities, products and services.

ANADOLU CASTING INDUSTRY INC. Environmental management system; In the address given in the introduction of the company in this handbook, there is a 11070 m² closed area on an open area of 21705 m², different companies in the open area, and common units with these companies and in the organizational units located at this address, in the field of steel casting production, loading and unloading transactions.

Hürriyet Street. Number:1
Körfez / KOCAELİ
Tel: +90 (262) 527 13 51
Fax: +90 (262) 524 28 76
e-mail: info@anadoludokum.com.tr
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